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Reduction lino printing workshop, Hunsonby, Sunday 14th May

I'm teaching reduction linoprinting on Sunday 14 May as part of a series of whole-day courses that Cumbria Printmakers have organised. Absolute beginners, intermediate, advanced - all welcome. I'm really looking forward doing some teaching after lots and lots of building work on the studio. Also, check out the other courses: mezzotint (wow!), screenprinting, cyanotype and drypoint. Mmm tasty.

To book a place please email or leave a message on 07896 016421


I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class. Participants were engaged, thoughtful and keen to experiment. There were definite moments of 'flow' where people were completely in the zone, and nothing could stop them! I didn't take many pictures as I was busy teaching but just two images to show the lovely set-up at Hunsonby and Ruth proudly showing her 3-colour reduction print.

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