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Open Access and Membership


If you want to use the studio for your own projects, you are welcome to join as a member. Annual membership starts from 1 September of each year and costs £30. The rate decreases depending on when you join as each membership lasts for one academic year.

Once you are a member you can book Open Access Sessions. This will enable you to use the equipment in the studio under supervision. You will be expected to have some knowledge of printmaking by either taking a course at the studio or providing evidence of prior experience/printmaking course attendance. 

Please note Open Access is not a substitute for classes or 1:1 tuition where you will learn how to use each press safely and confidently.

A 15-minute Health and Safety Induction session (£15) will need to be completed before you can use the studio for Open Access.

Members will also receive

  • 5% discount on all courses

  • Membership card and pack of handprinted letterpress goodies

  • First preference on trips, projects and talks

You are welcome to bring your own paper and materials for printing or you can purchase a range of papers at the Studio, but please check beforehand for suitability. No solvent-based inks should brought to the studio.

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