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Printfest and parcels

I went to Printfest at Ulverston a couple of weeks ago and it was lovely to see how many artists from Cumbria were there, and the lively, vibrant, dynamic range of work. Debby Akam, Raymond Higgs, Katie Edwards, Mark A. Pearce, Marion Kuit, Julian Milner, Jamie Barnes and Glenn Tomkinson. Katie, Mark and Raymond all won awards, too! It was great to speak to all of them and I hope their weekend was successful and leads to many great things. A big thanks to Sally Bamber, Printfest Director for a mention of Linden Print Studio in the Catalogue.

This week I started receiving the first of many parcels. The one on the top was massive and contained a huge roll of scrim, among other mysterious objects. What I like about safe(r) printmaking is that resources can be cleaned easily and re-used. So scrim can be washed and used again rather than thrown away.

I also managed to use a local supplier for some of my papers and look forward to keeping things as local as I can.

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