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I'll have one of each, please

These have been in my studio for a little while and I haven't cut them open yet, but I have used them before in tubes. Too busy using up my stock of oil-based inks and messing around with gelatine-plate printing which uses acrylic paints. But these are gorgeous inks, made in Wales by Cranfield Inks, a family run business. The Managing Director, Michael Craine sent me a very detailed and informative email which absolutely confirmed to me that I was getting the right inks for the studio. And I have the DVD of artists using them which you can borrow and watch, too.

The colours are dense, intense and translucent which means you can layer them up.

Here is the full list of both etching and relief inks:

Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks

Carbon Black



Opaque White

Diarylide Yellow

Yellow Ochre


Prussian Blue

Cyan (Process)

Magenta (Process)

Yellow (Process)


Carbazole Violet

Napthol Red

Rubine Red

Phthalo Green


Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks


Opaque Whilte


Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Thalo Blue

Process Blue (Cyan)

Carbazole Violet

Thalo Green

Rubine Red

Napthol Red

Process Red

Apricot Yellow

Hansa Yellow

Diarylide Yellow

Process Yellow

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

Burnt Umber

Yellow Ochre

And you can wash them with water and soap which makes cleaning up absolutely painless. And the rags/scrim can be washed and used again rather than putting them in the bin.

Me, I'm itching to use the Napthol Red. What about you?

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