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C-Art images and reflections

I can't believe it's been a week since C-Art finished. What was really lovely about the event was seeing people again including ex-students and friends, as well as meeting new people, including textile artists, sculptors, photographers, wood-engravers and poets! Cumbria is full of creative people.

A big thank you to Tracy Metcalfe of Running Loose for sharing the studio with me. She brought her Adana letterpress and turned the classroom into a sanctuary of peace. The way she explores themes of nature, care of the environment and thoughtful practice are very important in these difficult times. I wouldn't hesitate to welcome her back again and I miss having her in the Studio.

I'm also grateful to Dr Liz Still who regularly undertake invertebrate surveys at Watchtree for what butterflies to use for my linocut series. I also showed my chalk pastels of the Solway. I was trying to express:

Where the sky meets the land,

and the shimmer hides the border.

I'm still exploring the Solway, despite having lived here for over a decade.

The other works are based on my continuing interest in pattern and complex geometries, local history. The etching of Edward Acland of Sprint Mill was inspired by a visit with Art Education North West to the Mill, where Edward very kindly showed us around. His concept of 'guardening' - looking after the environment - is very close to my heart.

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