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Wow, it's been a busy 6 months!

Here's a little Christmas video for you, making Linden Print Studio's Christmas cards with the skilled addition of some thumb prints!

In the past 6 months, the Studio has delivered courses in:





Cut your own Chinese stone seal

Gum arabic transfer


Monoprint and monotype

Gelatine plate printing

Japanese bookbinding

Make your own baren

Chine colle



Thank you to everybody who has come so far and made such good use of the studio. It's been a pleasure welcoming you to the studio and being creative together. Here's some highlights from the past 6 and a bit months:

I'm in the middle of course programming for next year and will definitely be adding some new ideas and techniques to the above list.

I'm also offering Gift Vouchers for the first time! Postage is free and they are beautifully handprinted.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.

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