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April update

Veronica wipes Face of Jesus

Happy Belated Easter! Found this image and it occurred to me that printmaking was inadvertently taking place in biblical times (no disrespect intended).

We’ve just come back from camping on Skye at my brother-in-law’s campsite in Dunvegan ( There are lots of printmaker-artists on the island and I was particularly interested in the work of Jackie Gaskell, and Kathleen Lindesley of Raven Press. There was also a lovely gallery in Dunvegan called Skye Makers. Still lots more exploring to do though – and thinking about the possibility of taking my press up there and running some workshops.


Printfest is taking place in Ulverston from 3 May - 6 May. I'm planning on going on Sunday 6 May for the whole day. You're welcome to join me – I now have only one space left in my car so be quick! Only asking for a donation towards petrol money. We will rendezvous at the Print Studio or pick up in Penrith on the way, leave the Studio at 9.00am, getting to Rheged, Penrith at 9.30 and then Ulverston at 10.30. Or if you want to just meet on the day, my mobile number is below, just bob me a text.

Course highlights

Kim Tillyer ( is running the Cyanotype workshop on the afternoon of Thursday 25 May, 2-5pm. She is very adept at cyanotype which uses the magic of sunlight (or artificial light if none available) and chemistry to create permanent images. There are still spaces available for this, £30, materials included.

I’ve been able to reduce the price of the Rusty Objects at Threlkeld on Thursday 28 June (10.00-4.00pm) from £75 to £60. We’ll be using the cranes and scrapyard as inspiration but there’s also the quarry and the surrounding landscape. A wonderful place. Bring a packed lunch, and £3.00 for entry (plus a bit more if you want to ride the train or go underground). I’ll be bringing my portable press and we’ll be creating monoprints with stencilling and markmaking. Monotypes also a strong possibility. Materials included.

New to the Studio

The Little Thumper portable press from Ironbridge has arrived and is a beautiful piece of kit, handmade in the UK. I chose it because of its massive rollers and ability to print etching, drypoint and relief prints. Still quite hefty to get in and out of the car but it’ll either keep me fit or break my back (just kidding - I'm going to make a little bogie for it).

I've also bought two large spindle rollers for inking large relief blocks and viscosity printing with etching or monoprint.

Other stuff

I’ve started doing talks, demonstrations and running workshops for local art groups. If your group is interested please do get in contact. You can see some images from my last workshop here:

I also run workshops with schools and organisations in a range of media and techniques, including gel plate printing, drypoint, etching, batik, marbling, papermaking, lino, collagraph and developing sketchbooks.

Finally, a big thanks must go to Colin Blanchard for doing the talk and demonstration on 15 March. He was generous with his time and knowledge. We learnt lots of useful tips such as proofing onto tracing paper and how to register prints accurately using an MDF jig. I’m starting to put things on Instagram and you can see some short videos and stills here:

I think that’s everything. Do get in touch if you have any questions, ditto any suggestions for courses and random thoughts (those who know me will know I like random thoughts).

best wishes and hope to see you soon,


ps. I’ve just been to the Cumbria Printmaker’s AGM. They have just updated their website ( and are great organisation if you’re thinking about exhibiting your prints as there's lots of group exhibitions planned for 2018 and 2019. I also offer discounts for Cumbria Printmakers members for Linden Print Studio courses and open access.

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