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Newsletter September – October 2018

Callanish standing stones, Lewis

Many apologies for getting this out late but it’s been a very busy Summer! I hope this season finds you well and happy.

I’m writing this on the ferry from Ullapool to Stornaway where I’m travelling with my mum on a trip to the Outer Hebrides.


There are some changes to the Print Studio. I’ve got a job teaching part-time so Open Access Hours will now be Tuesday evening, Wednesday all day, Thursday morning and evening, Friday morning, and weekends by appointment. I may be running courses or workshops on odd days so it’s best to bob me an email to check.

Over the Summer I managed to get hold of a massive set of drawers full of type for the ADANA letterpress. I’m still not ready to run courses as I want to be 100% confident that I can run them well. But you are welcome to come and have a play in the meantime and check out what I’ve got.

New Batik courses, November 2018

Another new addition to the Studio is a vinyl-mould heating pot which I have turned into The Batik Pot. I’ve added two courses on batik before the end of the year: Saturday 3 November and Wednesday 29 November (all day, £65). If you chose to do a course on batik, you’ll learn how to use a tjanting to create several cotton panels with multiple layers of colour dyes which will then be fixed and machine-washable. You can book online here:


Those of you who have been to the studio will know that I have a bit of an obsession with paper. So I’m very happy to announce that I am now selling the paper that I acquired from Tom, son of Raymond Higgs (painter-printmaker who passed away last year). You can buy these by the sheet: vintage Whatman (earliest date of manufacture 1888), Crisbook from Hayle Mill, FJ Head, Unbleached Arnold and TH Saunders, Canson and Mongolfier Ingres, as well as many other papers. A lot of these papers were hand-made using a mould and deckle, in mills that closed down long ago. They’re very hard to get hold of, and I know of only two other places in the world that sells the similar hand-made vintage paper to printmakers and artists. And, as they say, once they’ve gone, they’ve gone. You can watch a video of paper being made at Hayle Mill here:

I’m also selling small packs of Somerset Satin and Rough offcuts in quarto and octavo sizes at very reduced prices.


There are quite a few printmaking exhibitions going on in the county by my favourite organisation, Cumbria Printmakers:

Artists in Eden, Dalemain House, 7th to 16th September

Cumbria Printmakers and Cumbria Ceramic Artists, Upfront Gallery, 4th September to 28th October

‘Line and Verse’, Cumbria Printmakers and Cumbria Sculptors, Grasmere Village Hall, Mon 17th to Thurs 27th September

I will be exhibiting solo at RSPB Geltsdale from Monday 5th November - Thursday 31st January. It’s a mile and a half walk from the carpark down to the RSPB Geltsdale visitor centre so it’s a very special place to be showing.

I think that’s everything. If you haven’t been to the Print Studio yet, consider this an open invitation to come and check us out. As the weather gets cooler, I’ll start lighting the woodburning stove and putting the underfloor heating on so we’ll always have a nice place to be creative. And I’ll put the kettle on.

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