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2020 - the year to get grounded and make something

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The Print Studio has not been quiet over Christmas. I've somehow managed to acquire and then sell a letterpress cabinet, provide open access to artists (with deadlines!), rejig the website (slightly - hope you like it) and print some of my own work.

I'm hitting the ground running and wishing you all a great 2020.

I feel like it's going to be a good year, we just need to get in touch with our roots and look after ourselves and others.

Take care,


ps. The Hare is printed from an old metal block that is a reproduction of Thomas Bewick’s original wood engraving, made in 1825 for the History of Quadrupeds. I’ve a feeling blocks such as these were made for printers to print on paper bags, greetings cards and other ephemera. I have printed it on dampened handmade paper (washi, cotton, linen, abaca and recycled mountboard, also made in the studio). You can buy the print as a greetings card in the Print Studio for £3.00 each, for a limited time. Oh and there's also a badger.

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