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A new press.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The Print Studio has a new press. It's a 17 x 21" Hunter Penrose press which can be used for relief printing, linocut, woodcut, collagraph, embossing, letterpress and other experimental techniques. It's unusual in that it has a single-pull toggle mechanism which moves the bed in and out under the platen. It moves like a dream, albeit a big solid metal dream made out of bridge parts. The only press I've found like it is in Antwerp so it's a bit of a rarity.

It comes from a private studio in Cumbria and is on long-term loan, and was expertly moved by Giles and Theo of AMR Logan Press. I can highly recommend their services if you're looking to buy a bigger press or need help moving one.

And thanks to Theo, we've named it THE STONKER.

Ps. The studio remains 'semi-open' as the space is too small to have people from different households sharing the same space. I am running a monoprint course at Higham Hall in November where strict COVID measures will be in place to protect everybody.

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