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Andrea Kershaw, Ullswater and other prints

I'm delighted to have Andrea Kershaw showing her work in the studio, a breath of fresh air.

Her work is based on a long and detailed exploration of the Ullswater Way, using spitbite aquatint to create intimate fragments of her very personal experience of this special route.

Framed and mounted prints for sale.

Her work is up until 31 March this year.

This is Andrea in her own words:

Printmaking has been Andrea’s focus during her recent Master’s degree. Her practice predominately concentrates on the landscape. Her Master’s work visually documents her journey of The Ullswater Way, in The Lake District, which she walked, initially in fragments, then as a whole. Piecing together the journey through annotated sketching, photography and film, to study and diarise the landscape. By experiencing the elements of the landscape through sound and sight she hopes that traces of her emotions are incorporated and conveyed in her investigation and translation of the vista in her etching prints.

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