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Anne Waggot Knott

And next up in the studio, we have Anne Waggot Knott.

Here she is in her own words:

Anne’s broad creative practice focuses on human connections

with the landscape. She frequently anchors her work in

experimental printmaking but also uses film, sculpture,

photography, and writing. Physical and metaphorical journeys

are influential and intrinsic; connections between place, space

and identity are her recurring themes. She is interested in

peripheries and less obvious locations.

As well as developing her own work, she undertakes carefully

chosen collaborative arts projects, usually with a focus on our

connections with the environment and a cross-disciplinary

perspective. She champions fair pay and robust opportunities

for rural and peripheral artists.

Working across the Scottish/English borderlands and beyond,

she is an artist associate of the PLACE Collective, an Honorary

Research Fellow (with an arts focus) at the University of

Cumbria's Institute of Science and Environment, and a board

member with Upland CIC.

All the works on show at Linden Print Studio have been

printed by hand without the use of a press.

Her large linocuts are about the places where we pause in the

landscape, using the colours and abstract forms we find when

we slow down and look closely.

Her large monoprint, Assemble (ii), includes chine collé pieces

and is intentionally naïve, bringing character and intimacy to

the informal groupings.

Fugitives, her photographic triptych, is based on charismatic

experimental honeysuckle basketwork pieces created during

lockdown, when we all wished we could make an illicit escape.

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