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Update December 2023 - January 2024

Hello All


Whew it’s been a busy term! Again, I’ve very much kept my head down with the Print Studio but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening here. If I actually tallied up what I’ve done since September, I think I would scare myself.


Dürer's Material World at the Whitworth, Manchester, until 10 March. Last month Laura M R Harrison and I went down to see this and it was largely prints so we were very happy. Bring a magnifying glass.


The Great Print Exhibition is on again at Rheged until 3 March 2024. Again, I’m not in it, but that doesn’t mean to say I’m not cheering from the sidelines. Lots of great Cumbrian printmakers involved including a feature on the formidable Polly Marix Evans whose incisive work deals with healing.


Final couple of weeks to see Laura M R Harrison, Polylithia II at Linden Print Studio until 12 January. Her work explores fortune-telling, not-knowing and the power of stones; a fascinating mix of photo-collage, sculpture, drawing and letterpress printing.


Painter and printmaker Susan Young’s beautiful work will follow...and I’ll send out more details in the New Year.



The Art and Craft of Wood Engraving book by Chris Daunt is available to buy from Crowood Press. Chris has been coming here to teach wood engraving for the past couple of years and this detailed and beautifully presented book is very welcome. £12.99 + postage.


I think that is everything. I’m going to snuggle under a homemade patchwork blanket and hibernate when I’ve got a minute.


Happy Winter Solstice,



Image: Owl linocut © Vega Brennan, 2022. White ink on black paper.

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