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Update July-August 2023

Hi All

I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather. This is a very brief update as things are ticking along quietly, but all is well.

The Studio will remain open for Open Access during the Summer Holiday period. Courses will start again Thursday 14 September with a day course in Letterpress.

New to the Studio is a Keencut mountcutter and a beautiful chest of drawers/galley rack, both courtesy of Colin Blanchard, a wonderful printmaker based in the Debatable Lands. You are welcome to come and use the mountcutter as part of your Open Access sessions. Check out Colin’s work on Instagram: @colin_blanchard

If you are a member, your membership will end 31 August 2023, as will this academic year’s discount code. If you’d like to renew for Sept 2023-Aug 2024, follow this link, but there’s no rush, I’ll send out a reminder to past and current members mid-August.

Exhibition: Vega Brennan at Linden Print Studio, July-end September 2023

I’m showing a mix of old and new work in the Studio. It’s weird having my work up, and if anything, it’s spurring me on to make new pieces and explore some avenues in more depth. I tend to make tiny editions, usually less than 10, as I have no desire to turn myself into an automaton, so this is a rare chance to collect a piece from a not very prolific artist! Framed and mounted work for sale.

I think that’s all, I hope you have a lovely Summer and hope to see you in September if not before!

Best wishes


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