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Update June-July 2024

Hi All


I hope you’re enjoying the change in the weather and the strong growing season. I’m sure I can see the plants in my garden growing before my eyes. I’m now waiting for the linden trees to flower so I can harvest the fresh-scented buds for linden tea!

The image above is an original wood engraving I found in a junk shop. It's of the old St John's Church in Egham, Surrey. I have no idea how it ended up in Carlisle but I'm enjoying printing it after it was last used, probably about 150 years ago.

The courses for September 2024-July 2025 are now live. Head over to the Courses section to see what is available.


As I increasingly find my time taken up with my PGCE lecturer work for this coming academic year, I’ve decided to structure my courses a little differently, scheduling those that are popular and will likely be filled. More rarefied printmaking techniques will be offered on an ad-hoc basis. So if you want a day’s workshop on:

·      Viscosity monoprinting

·      Chinese stone seal carving

·      Chinese brush and ink painting

·      Photopolymer etching

·      Advanced letterpress

·      Letterpress and lino

·      Aquatint

·      Cyanotype

·      Block printing on fabric

·      Making simple rubber stamps

·      Japanese woodblock printing (2 days)

…and can find at least one other person to do it with, I’ll run it on a date that suits all of us for the same price per person (£90). Similarly if you can’t make any scheduled course listed on my website, the same arrangement would work for me. Just email me with what you’d like to do and some suggested dates.


And this is a little list of the other things I can offer:

·      Hen/stag/badger* parties on letterpress – print your own event stationery

·      25 and 59 mm button badge-making parties

·      Lessons on how to use a mountcutter and then cut your own mounts for your artwork

·      Photopolymer stamp making – you design, I make, or I design and make

·      Letterpress business cards – you print or I print


Discount galore

I’ve teamed up with the wonderful to offer you a discount from their online shop! Come on a Linden Print Studio course, open access session or just call in to pick up the 5% discount code card.


As the cost of living bites, I’m also re-introducing the 10% student / Universal Credit discount which can also be used for all courses. Just email me with a scan/photo of evidence and I’ll send you the code.



There’s still some places left on:

Mezzotint with Heather Young

Mezzotint was invented in the 17th century and used to create prints that were full of atmosphere and tone. Instead of working from white and adding black lines, this works in reverse, so you literally bring the image out of the darkness. Heather has been teaching at the studio for 4 years now and this is a wonderful introduction to this fascinating printmaking technique.

Saturday, 13 July 2024, 10.00-16.00



Wood Engraving with Chris Daunt, two days

This two-day course will teach you how to create a detailed and visually rich wood engraving by one of the contemporary masters of the medium. Chris is the only block-maker left in the UK and has recently written a definitive guide to wood engraving The Art and Craft of Wood Engraving (Crowood Press).

Saturday and Sunday, 21 and 22 September 2023, 10.00-16.00




Amy Story’s exhibition at Linden Print Studio, Work / Purpose / Play is getting a good reception, particularly with the Augmented Reality (AR) feature on some of the work. Just bob me an email/give me a call if you want to come and see her work as I’m not always in. In the meantime, have a look at her work at:

Amy Story, Work / Purpose / Play, Linden Print Studio, Sunday 28 April – 27 August


And just a reminder that it’s very easy for me to put the kettle on. Call in, it’d be lovely to see you.


Best wishes and may your Summer be full of bees,




*badger parties – this should be a thing. I just made it up. Banner image AI-generated and then disco ball and text added and played around in Photoshop.

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