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Update May-June 2022

Red Abstract I, Dorothy Ramsay, 76 x 51 cm, acrylic and mixed media on board. A vibrant red painting with loose marks and shapes in blue, yellow and hot pink.
Red Abstract I, Dorothy Ramsay, 76 x 51 cm, acrylic and mixed media on board

Hi All

I’m ahead! I’m ahead! I think this is unprecedented…I’m sending out an update before the start of the month!

I’m feeling personally culpable for global warming and too-early blooms. So, while I’m enjoying the Spring buds and the colours, I’m also turning the heating off and continuing to pursue a sustainable practice in the studio and home. That said, the studio is warm and lovely, and the sunlight is streaming in.

Course cancellation – Artists Development at Creative Quarter, Carlisle

I’m very sad to be cancelling this course but I didn’t get enough bookings. But…I enjoyed working with the Whistling Crew: Katharine, Scott and Tommy who helped me set this up. You’re welcome to check out the other great workshops that they’re running at their beautiful venue in the centre of Carlisle:

Course Highlights

There’s been a few changes of dates for various courses in July so please delete/recycle all old Course Summary leaflets you may have kicking around. Attached is the new, updated one.

I know that the courses I run may sometimes come across as weird or esoteric but trust me, I know what I’m doing. Don’t be scared, try something new!


Saturday 21 May, 10-4pm - £90

This beautiful 18th century printmaking technique will allow you to create dark, tonally-rich prints using traditional, hand-rocked copper plates. You will learn how to create a plate and print it using the traditional etching press.

Book online:

Collagraph 1 and Collagraph 2

Wednesday 8 June and Wednesday 15 June, 10-1pm – £40 per session

A pair of half day sessions where you’ll learn how to make a textured plate from simple materials that you will then print on the etching press on the following week to make a beautifully rich and almost sculptural print.

Book online

Collagraph 1:

Collagraph 2:


Saturday 18 June, 10-4pm, £80

Using traditional lead type you will compose short text that you will then be able to print MANY times onto paper. Great for creating headed papers, greetings cards, or your own ephemera. You will be using vintage Adana letterpresses and paper will be supplied.

Book online:

Also, some advance notice:

Wood Engraving

Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September


£140 + wood engraving blocks purchased directly from Chris

Chris Daunt is coming to Linden Print Studio to run a two-day course on Wood Engraving in September. This is a rare opportunity to work with Chris who is a very experienced printmaker and tutor. He makes wood engraving blocks for artists all over the world.

Book online:

Exhibitions and Events

PrintFest, Ulverston, 29 April-1 May

Printfest is on this weekend! I’m stewarding on Saturday. Come and see the work, meet the artists and say hello!

Cumbria Printmakers at Greywalls, Lindale

At the same time as Printfest, six Cumbria Printmakers is having a show at the lovely venue of Greywalls, Lindale, just 20 minutes on the road from Ulverston. Poster attached.

Dorothy Ramsay at Linden Print Studio

I'm delighted to be showing the work of Dorothy Ramsay, Cumbrian artist at Linden Print Studio from 18 April to 30 June. There is a mixture of paintings and prints, abstract and figurative, but generally representative of Dorothy's more recent interests. I will also be showing one of her early prints, made when she was 16 and which won her a place at the Camberwell School of Art. Poster attached.

Exhibit at Linden Print Studio

I’m always looking for printmakers/artists to show their work at my studio. There is a slot from July-end September. I charge 20% commission for sales and will help you hang and publicise your work. Equally I’d be very interested if you’re wanting a space for experimental projects.

I think that’s everything for now, I’ll be setting up the course programme for the next academic year in June and sending it out in July. Although I don’t run any courses during the school holidays, you are welcome to book the studio for open access, or, if I’m about and not busy, then I can do bespoke days if you get 4 people together, or 1:1 tuition at my rate of £35/hour + materials.

And do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of at Linden Print Studio, or how I can help you make prints!

Best wishes,


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