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Laura MR Harrison, Polylithia II: The Seer's Fortune

Laura MR Harrison exhibition at Linden Print

Polylithia II: The Seer’s Fortune

1 October – 5 January 2024

Laura M R Harrison is interested in not-knowing, particularly in relation to personal futures. Not-knowing is considered an emotional state of fundamental uncertainty, where direction, desires or aims are unclear. Rather than seeing this as an undesirable state, Laura is keen to explore how not-knowing might be repurposed as a situation of unbounded possibilities and potential.

The work on show here merges references to fortune telling, alchemy, folklore, and local enigmatic landmarks to examine the different and often intriguing ways that humans don’t know. In this work, Laura is creating a form of visual language; by repeatedly using specific objects and materials in different configurations, across different mediums, new or forgotten narratives about not-knowing may come to light.

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